Astronomy is a language which helps you to read the Sky

This is the Cosmic Calendar wherein the whole 13.5 billion years of history of universe has been compressed to a one year. One month denotes almost a billion year and a day at least 40 million years. Earth was formed somewhere in September in Cosmic Calendar and Columbus arrived America just 1.2 secs before the midnight clock ticks on December 31st.

All the human history fit inside the last minute of December 31st midnight.


How it all Began ?

How did the space and time came into existence ? Can we look beyond the birth of space and time ?

About Me

I want to know how everything started and what makes us dominant or are we really ? There are many things in this almighty universe which humans haven’t figured out properly and we make hypothesis for the same; such as – Does God exist ? Are we alone in this universe ? Can we travel back in time and fix our mistakes ? Does parallel universe have any existence ? What’s inside a Black Hole ? Why time always flow in one direction ?

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